Manage App Service outbound ip addresses

Some weeks ago i received an email from Microsoft telling me that some updates on App Services inbound and outbound ip addresses may make my websites stop working. Some of my websites were impacted with outbound ip addresses updates and I need to know quickly which new outbound ip addresses I needed to manage. Here is the beginning… Continue reading

Parse ASP net core configuration files and push them as Azure Web App application settings using Azure Powershell

Azure Web Apps Application Settings are a good way to manage configuration values. However managing them can be challenging. Applications can use a lot of configuration settings, saving them manually on the Azure Portal is possible but it’s not a safe way: We have to format the key names We can easily forget some keys… Continue reading

Automate SQL Azure Backup using Azure Function and Azure PowerShell

Azure SQL Database proposes an automated system to export backup and restore them easily using the Azure Portal or Azure Cli tools. We have nothing to set up to take advantage of this process! However it can be useful to automate Azure SQL backup at specified time every day or every week. To achieve this… Continue reading